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Norway Oil Workers Strike Forcing Rig Shutdown

June 14, 2012


At least five of Norway’s oil and gas rigs will be shut down due to a strike from Norway’s Safe Union against Baker Hughes.


The strike may be the first step to initiate a larger strike in Norway’s dominant export oil sector. The National Mediator set June 23 as the deadline for this year’s wage settlement between unions and the oil industry and the failed negotiations over Statoil’s ending of an early pensions deal. If another strike follows, it could result in a shut down of Norway’s daily production of 3.8 million barrels of oil.


Members of the union Safe are striking because their worker’s benefits were reduced by Bake Hughes. According to a deal between the union and oil rigs, workers won’t begin their strike until the operations are shut down in a safe manner.


Safe leader Hilde-Marie Rysst stated, “We are appalled by the arrogance and complete lack of respect of the basic principles of Norwegian labor which Baker Hughes has demonstrated to our members.” Yet, the Norwegian Oil Industry Associated claims that Baker Hughes offered the same agreement to Safe members as it offered to its 550 other employees, but the union wants to keep their previous agreement.



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