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U.S. House Rejects Offshore Drilling Plan

July 26, 2012


The U.S. House of Representatives rejected H.R. 6168 today. This bill would have implanted President Obama’s offshore drilling plan that would place 85 percent of America’s offshore energy resources locked under U.S. control.

Directly after, the House approved H.R. 6082, that would replace Obama’s plan with a robust energy plan that offers 29 lease sales in areas thought to have oil and natural gas resources. This will create tens of thousands of new jobs and will also increase American energy production.

            U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski introduced bipartisan legislation to expand American offshore energy production with a revised leasing plan spread out over five-years to provide revenue sharing to all participating coastal states. The Offshore Petroleum Expansion Act of 2012 is supported by many states, including Virginia, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

            The Obama Administration announced its proposed 2012-2017 plan for offshore lease on June 28 and it is now undergoing a mandatory 60-day congressional review. The decision made today in the House calls for review in the plan if it intends to pass in the future.

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