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Educational Opportunities for Oil and Gas Workers, University of Phoenix

October 18, 2012


           Opportunities are arising for oil and gas workers to further their education thanks to a partnership between the University of Phoenix and the American Petroleum Institute. Due to continual growth of demand for experienced oil and gas workers and a decrease in supply of such individuals, this partnership strives to bridge the gap while meeting industry and workforce needs.

The program works by allowing students to use work and life experiences towards college credits through a process called Prior Learning Assessment. Students may gain credits in their field of study at the University of Phoenix based on their completed API University training courses.

API President and CEO Jack Gerard explains “new technologies are leading to a game changing energy revolution in America that no one could have predicted just a few years ago. The oil and natural gas industry will need a new generation of highly skilled employees to safely develop our country’s vast energy resources. By partnering with University of Phoenix, we can create opportunities for students interested in careers in the growing oil and natural gas sector and fueling America’s future.”

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